It's hard to speed up.

Pick a short distance that feels comfortable. Walk as fast as you can, with big steps and big arm swings. Start with 100 yards and increase distance each day. Combine arm pumping and fast walking with head turns from one side to another.

It's an effort to reach up or bend down.

Stand with right foot over the left. Look up, reach with one arm and then the other. Move your pelvis the opposite way from your reach. Repeat movement with left foot over right. Reach around yourself in all directions, feel how your pelvis and feet support you. Breathe, smile!

I can barely jump.

Raise, then lower your heels. Don't lift your body, just go up a small amount on the balls of your feet, slowly at first, then more quickly.

I sometimes stumble or shuffle when I walk.

Go for a practice walk at home or outdoors. Practice aiming your knees in the direction you're going, e.g. aim your knees toward a door across the room.

I dress to hide my belly.

Sitting in a chair, place hands on your belly. Tilt backward slightly until you feel your stomach muscles contract. Tilt forward and backward a few times; feel your stomach muscles engage.

I often feel stiff or achy.

Lie on the floor with knees bent and feet wide apart. Relax your breathing, relax your jaw and rest your arms anywhere. Push gently through feet until pelvis rolls toward your head and lower back nears the floor. Release, and roll pelvis the other way, toward your feet. Repeat, rolling your pelvis from head to foot. Keep neck and jaw relaxed so your head also moves. Breathe!

I use my hands to push off when I get up from a seat.

Sit in the middle of a chair with both feet solidly on the floor and jump your pelvis forward and back on chair without using your hands. Before you stand up, imagine you're going to jump. Don't actually jump -- just feel the act of standing from a chair on the way to jumping. It will be a feeling of lightening the load.


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