The New York Times posted an article which discuses the resurgence of Rolfing.
Eventually, people will discover through such methods as The Change Your Age Program that tendons and muscles become looser and longer either by dynamic movements you learn yourself or through the hands of a skilled practitioner.  In spite of technical points that are similar between Rolfing and CYA, what's different with Change Your Age is that you are not passively being stretched or mobilized but you are being moved so you can learn a lesson.  For example, you might be learning better balance to prevent falls or trying to improve your posture.  Changes in posture not only "happen" to the client, but the client also learns how it happened and can reproduce the postural change by themselves.  That means your brain installs what has been learned through the touch and the movement and in that way, a new movement can more spontaneously reoccur.  
The Change Your Age program is technically at least a generation ahead of chiropractic and other forms of mobilization in physiotherapy.