Today’s generation of adults is more informed about the value of exercise than any generation before. They are involved in endless kinds of exercise and have every intention of staying healthy and active as they get older. Yet with all this “healthy” activity comes an undeniable fact: as we get older, many of us begin to feel pain.

So many of us get injured, and at times, even daily activities become more difficult to perform. Some try exercising more to “work it out.” Some try various massage and relaxation programs. Some resort to surgery or pain medication. Many of us simply give up doing the things we used to love. But is there a better solution? Is there anything we can we do to help sustain or even increase our level of activity as we get older, prevent injury and pain in our current workout program or sports activity, and improve our health and ease of movement in our daily lives?
In my experience, I think people need to relearn how we move…from how we walk to how we swing a golf club, we’ve created a lifetime of bad habits that are harmful to our bodies. We need to un-learn these habits and create new ones, in essence, creating a more intelligent body. But how do we do that?
All the exercises in the Change Your Age program are based on principals of neuro-science, the first of which is that your brain is your core of strength and stability. Eventually, the body will learn to move correctly on its own automatically, but first we need to retrain our brain, to get away from exercising in a way that is actually harmful. After just a couple of weeks of using this program, you will begin to experience a “younger” body as well as mind. Readers may surprise themselves by feeling like a younger walker, jogger, gardener, skier, swimmer, tennis player, and “thinker” as well.

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